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We market our product Steel bars under the brand "RATHI", which is a popular brand and preferred choice of consumers in Northern India for its quality and reliability. The "RATHI" Trademark belongs to the Rathi Foundation, a Trust of the Rathi Group, which includes all members of the erstwhile combined Rathi family. The brand enjoys high goodwill and premium in the market.

We manufacture TMT bars using the "THERMEX" technology, which is patent of the German collaborator M/s Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engineering GmbH, and the Company is licenced to use the same. We are one of exclusive licencees to use the "Thermex" technology to manufacture TMT bars in Northern India .

The Company has a very strong and committed network of dealers who spare no efforts to keep maintain the image of the Company and provide value-added service to the customers. This network of dealers consists of nearly 800 retail outlets spread all over Northern India .

The main features of our marketing strategy are as following:

•  Effective Brand Extension :

The "RATHI" name is a well established and reputed brand in the Northern India .

•  Retail Marketing:

Our retail network includes a sizeable number of outlets spread all over Northern India .

•  Direct Sales:

We have a highly experienced and committed team of sales personnel who cater directly to the needs of our corporate/institutional and Government clients.

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